Please join me at the Syracuse Memory Walk Oct. 2 to raise money for Alzheimer’s

August 29, 2010

The main fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association is a series of Memory Walks that take place throughout the country. The one in the Syracuse area happens at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, at Long Branch Park. I’m honored to be asked to serve as honorary chair.

This 3-mile walk raises money for Alzheimer’s care, support and research right here in Central New York. Please, join my team. It does not cost anything to walk. Of course, walkers are most welcome to make a donation of any amount. (Donate or raise $100, and you earn a 2010 Memory Walk T-shirt.)

Sign up here to join my DementiAwareness team.

You may make also make an online donation–and know that any amount is appreciated.

Donate $5 through Fiverr, and your loved one’s name will appear here, on my blog, in the right hand column under “in honor of…” or “in memory of…”

If you can’t make the Syracuse walk, four other Memory Walks take place in September in the Central New York region, including St. Lawrence, Jefferson-Lewis, Southern Tier and Mohawk Valley.

Donate for Memory Walk through DementiAwareness, get your loved one on this blog

June 19, 2010

While I’d love to have a huge group of people walking together at Long Branch Park Oct. 2 for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk, I know that life sometimes gets in the way!

If you’d like to join us, but can’t, let DementiAwareness walk in honor or memory of your loved one. Make a donation of $50 or more through our team, and we’ll post your loved one’s photo on this blog through the end of October. (See my example at left.)

Now, if this recession is hitting you like it’s hitting me, you may appreciate this reminder: participation in the Memory Walk is free. You can raise awareness regarding Alzheimer’s and other dementias just by showing up–and that costs only your time.

Join the DementiAwareness team.

Make a donation to the Memory Walk on behalf of DementiAwareness.

Learn more about the Memory Walk.

Make a $250 Memory Walk donation, and your business gets an ad on this blog

June 18, 2010

If your company makes a donation of at least $250 to the Alzheimer’s Association 2010 Memory Walk through my DementiAwareness team, here’s the deal: I’ll give your company an ad on my blog from now to the end of the year — free.

This is the primary fundraiser for the Alzheiemer’s Association, with a series of Memory Walks taking place throughout the country. Ours here in the Syracuse area is a 3-mile walk starting at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2, at Long Branch Park.

I’m honored to be asked to serve as honorary chair.

If you don’t know someone with Alzheiemer’s disease or another dementia, or someone caring for a person who is afflicted, chances are very good that you will in your lifetime. And more than one.

A growing number of people are dealing with a dementia, either as patients or caregivers. More than 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s, which is thought to only represent 60 to 80 percent of all dementias. It’s a disease that affects primarily older people. And with the first of the Baby Boomers turning 65 in 2011, many health experts are saying we are not adequately prepared.

One of my roles as honorary chair of the Memory Walk is to make sure businesses understand the impact this disease has on their workers. It’s profound. Sure, there are signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but often it sneaks up before a family realizes their matriarch or patriarch is so afflicted. One day, a dutiful daughter is a hard-charging career woman, and the next, she’s struggling to take the car keys away. Caregivers are thrust into a role that is, quite simply, overwhelming. The stress is constant and can be debilitating. (Read more of my blog for multiple posts by and about caregiver issues.)

This disease is not just a personal medical issue. It is already making a huge impact on our nation’s health care system and the insurance industry–the cost of the disease is estimated at $20.4 trillion over the next 40 years, by the way. Businesses large and small are impacted not only in increasing health costs, but in worker absenteeism when one must care for a loved one.

Donations to the Alzheimer’s Association go toward care, support and research. Dollars raised at the Syracuse Memory Walk stay right here in Central New York. Remember, if you donate through DementiAwareness, I’ll put your ad on my blog through the end of the year. (The sooner you donate, the longer your ad appears!)

Need more information? Email Amber Smith at with “Memory Walk” in the subject line. Thanks!


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